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December 30, 2018

spacer it was cold today but not as cold as it's been and yes i
have holes in my shoes but i hoped the ice would stay
frozen and not seep in. freezing ass cold as it was and
slippery too there was still litter to pick up just a few
feet from ample garbage cans so the white squirrel
and i had to wonder what makes humans want to
shit their nests. but that's just one side of it. the
beauty part is all around and we wallowed in it:
 Seitu and Melvin took us on a tour of Rondo
and the dedicated winter biker Andy Singer
 joined us. it's easy to be pessimistic but
the only thing between us and our dreams
is how much we care to put into it.

(for example, this DJ from
Ghana spread big love
simply by spinning records
from the St. Paul library's
collection--the one in his
hand compiled by Jesse
Paul Miller and released
by Sublime Frequencies

...positive beats negative
by a million to one, which
is why "they" spend so
much pushing the latter)