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November 18, 2018

Need a break                                                                                                     
from work, but                                                                                                  
as a freelancer I'm                                                                                               
reluctant to say no                                                                                                
to any offer because                                                                                              
 most won't ask twice.                                                                                            
"Turning off the spigot"                                                                                           
is how Jack put it.                                                                                              
He asked me to check                                                                                       
out a tile job in his friend's vacant                                                                          
house on the other side of the planet in                                                                  
Ballard. Well, it was sunny and that was                                                            
good excuse as any for a bikeride. I was                                                         
already cutting it close when I got down                                                      
to the bike room in our building's basement                                                 
to find my front tire completely flat and                                                  
           the rear one soft as a rotten banana. Shit!                                              
No time to replace the tube (if I could even                                         
 find one), so nothing to do but pump them up                                 
 and hope for the best. They seemed to hold!                              
I bolted out the door (after bolting a camera                       
  to the handlebars) and eased into the downhill              
run to University Bridge. But as I rolled, I could       
take the ride!                                                                             feel them getting squishier, control slipping      
over Interlaken's wet leaves and sharp turns. 
I took it easy. Had to stop to pump 'em back
up but I made it, albeit 15 minutes late.