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October 30, 2018

Too. Much. Stuff. And being a knucklehead, I take
in more stuff, such as a neighbor's record collection
because I figure there's a fortune to be made flipping
them on discogs. Instead, a couple dozen keepers and
2 big boxes of dreck bound for Goodwill, along with a
bunch of books, a box of magazine bags, and a whole
mess of VHS tapes I recently digitized. And what do you
suppose will happen to those digital files? Well, computers
 sure have made it possible to hoard ever more crap, the
disposal of which is just a delete key away. Progress! Heard
on the radio today how some phones have a black-and-white
mode--apparenty, that's less addictive. When I was a kid I had a
 tiny b/w Hitachi TV in my room. It was always on but I didn't
fixate on it. It was more like a radio and in those days it was
mostly reruns that filled the airwaves. Even then I knew too much
screentime was a waste, so around the age of 12 I made one of the
few New Year's resolutions that ever stuck: I swore off reruns, and
gradually tapered off the idiot box forever--except for the glory days of
 the Simpsons, hours of taped episodes in that top left box. I was using
the same Sharp VCR my mom bought in '82 to digitize more stuff until it
choked on a                        tape. Tonight I took it apart and got the tape out.
The machine                       has a lot of moving parts, held together with big
clunky screws and soldered wire. They sure don't make 'em like they used to.
Then again, VHS is no way to archive the past. But is this website any better?