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October 1, 2018

    Normalization is insidious but understandable. People get used to anything, whether it's background noise
      or the creeping rot of a corrupt government that sends kids to concentration camps. Closer to home, I've
       been getting by with inadequate toolbelts for years. I had one that wasn't much bigger than a fanny pack
                                      and it wasn't bad, but it was a little small. I recently upgraded to a larger one, but it
                                                                     weighed heavy on my waist and its capacious pockets gaped,
                                                                   which made tools fall out when I crouched, an inevitable posture
                                                                  in the course of construction. So I finally bought some suspenders
                                                                 and today I cinched one of the bags with a fender washer and a
                                                                rivet. What a relief! How did I live with it so long the way it was?
                                                                                     Now to fix that government...