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September 27, 2018

Thanks to Jeff Mihalyo, I'll be participating in Borealis Fest.
Had to meet the site manager in SLU at 8:30. Running
a wee bit late, I happened on a Lime bike right when I
needed it. Some people pooh-pooh them for their
own dumb reasons, but I say anything that gets
more people biking is a good thing and they fill
a gap. Sarah took the truck for her beekeeping
gig, so I got on the C to the bathroom I'm
remodeling in West Seattle. Hey, where's
my Orca card? Luckily, I had three
singles to cover the $2.75 fare. At
the end of the day, I looked in my
wallet and saw I had only fives
and twenties. Then, again just
when I needed it, I found an
Orca card on the ground!
A name in Sharpie but
no contact info, I felt
fine about using it.
Just my luck, $9
left! But if you
see "O-Dawg,"
please tell
'em I have
their card.