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  August 23, 2018

The sea is so big &
my boat is so small.
Then again, a body's
large and a virus tiny,
but who's the boss? After
10 years parked in this slip
(2 on my watch), Gray Goose
(not my name) finally ventured
onto the lake today, stiff winds from
the south blew away the smoke that's
plagued Seattle for almost two weeks.
Here's to fresh starts! Hand on the tiller, not
sure what to do, first time captaining a sailboat,
my mouth was so dry, knuckles white as we heeled
over hard. Intense! Well, none of it would have happened
without Jeff Kendall to seize the reins and show me the way.
He's been so generous with his time, knowledge, tools, and extra gear.
Without his guidance it might have taken another 10 years. Thanks, Jeff!