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  August 2, 2018

Today I achieved peak Seattle!
August 2, cloudy, 59 F with a
light mist--perfect conditions
for pressure-washing a sailboat
down at S. Leschi moorage, 1st
time in 9 years it got a bath,
chunks of moss and dirt-like clods
flying as the Blue Angels practiced
their acrobatics of death, deafening,
so close overhead. What could be
more Seattle than that? How about
you throw in some terrible driving?
An 18-wheeler delivering to Leschi
got stuck trying to make
an impossible turn. Men in aprons
unbolted a STOP sign to make space
and I had to move my truck out of the
way. I-90 was closed for the devils and
now Lakeside Avenue was blocked in
both directions. Honk! Today had it all!
Boats, bad traffic, Blue Angels. Seattle.
But I was happy, felt part of a community,
the camaraderie of the sea (or at least a lake);
been getting tons of help from my neighbors
at the marina--tools, time, expertise. I feel so
good about what I once thought was a mistake.