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June 30, 2018

after 12-hour push in arlington to finish a deck, i was ready to unwind, borrowed igor's pimped out
schwinn, red velvet banana saddle and LED spoke lights, easy 5 minutes to cedar stump, where i
sat outside, bummed smokes, shared food, and bought rounds with strangers.                  last call,
threw bike in bed of new ex-marine friend's pick-up, 10 miles to stanwood for
all-night billiards session where i shot so badly i kept winning--my misses a
minefield that forced opponents' game-ending scratches.

sun comes up, my                                      
ride is passed out, so i                                   
start pedaling back. one of the guys                         
catches up, tells me to latch on to his 300                    
for a quick skitch up the hill to I-5 entrance. why              
not? at the top, i can see it's all downhill so i ride       
the shoulder in minimal traffic to next exit,   
wend my way back among birdsong &
farms feeling grateful and alive.
only when i stop do i feel
 it, fall over on legs
shaky from riding undersized bike.
then, after 3 hours sleep, i finally
finished the deck in the rain,
drove home to a hot bath
along that same big
highway. i'll never look
at it the same way again.