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May 8, 2018

I'm a goddamn American and don't you forget it! I work, you bet, but first I drop my truck off for a tie rod fix!
That's how we do it in the USA! Fuck you! It's expensive, but what isn't? Life is what you're willing to pay for.
This used to be a carwash, now it's seating for a taco truck. And they say there's no such thing as progress!

After dropping Taco off at Les Schwab (pronounced Lay Swob), it was a short pleasant walk back to SFI.
From Ballard Bridge onramp I saw a sketchy dude pissing behind a dumpster but he didn't see me.
Pono Ranch reminded me of Hawaii (because pono, duh) and I vowed to return and check it out someday.
Midspan, where the bridge trembles with passing traffic, I looked down on passing sculls, yacht, outboard runabout, and
all the graceful chaos of a working port. It was a hot day to be swabbing a roof but that's what some were doing.
After work, I visited "the shipyard," a hidden niche where Old Ballard still lives--derelict cars, shipping container
palaces, metal foundry, secret museums, and one silly pitbull catching embers like snowflakes on his tongue.