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April 25, 2018

spacer Dear Future,

I know you're there, but is anyone left? If there was a way to do it wrong, we found it. We blew up mountains, dumped the slag in rivers, then throttled the air by burning what we'd unearthed. We forged new molecules impervious to rot that would outlast our cities and bridges, a bounty of bottlecaps and Bics lying in a bonesnest of the last seabird. We poisoned the soil to protect crops used to fatten caged creatures, slaughtered them, bleached the meat, wrapped it in plastic and feasted on cruelty so vast and pervasive we couldn't even see it was ourselves we were eating. We squandered our lifegiving home, tore it to pieces, shit our beds and pissed the wells on a bloody deathwish bender, so befuddled by our own mortality we chose to take the whole planet down with us. Thanks! It was delicious.
Yours Truly,                
The Past