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April 14, 2018

Went late last night in the third tier green room
at the Neptune, the one for opening bands,
with an illuminated fridge that hums and
thrums but doesn't really run, mooting
my solution to global warming. (It did
work as a mold terrarium, though.)

Well, OK, the beers weren't cold
but it beat paying $6.50 for
a Rainier tall at the bar. I
was there as an invited
hanger-on of my fave
band, Le Sang Song!

Check 'em out!

Was rough getting
up at 7 to continue
remodeling work in
a restaurant kitchen,
dazed and hazy, but
I had a limited window
and had to be out by 4,
when they open. The prep
cook Steven showed up at
10 and nourished me with the
kind of egg sandwich that sets a
crooked morning right. I made it OK
and rejoiced at being horizontal in bed by
8 pm, listening to the unusually intense rain.
And then the honking started. IT WENT ON & ON...

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