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April 2, 2018

In the morning: National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. Operative word: national.
Some displays actually referred to USA as "homeland," a term beloved by the Nazis and seldom
heard on these shores before 9/11. Oh well, here we are. So much focus on the military and "safe"
atomic energy. There's a kind of comfort standing        in the shade of a B-52 wing on a blazing
desert day, but despite the gee whiz ingenuity and               technical achievement on display, I
couldn't forget the main purpose of these devices is to                blast and burn human flesh. May-
be this is the best of all     possible worlds, but I doubt it.            I kept thinking of Buckminster
Fuller's distinction between          weaponry & livingry. What              if all those smarts & money
had gone towards peace                   instead of paranoia?                   Is it too late to do better?

Afternoon: Tinkertown! What a contrast!
For forty years, Ross Ward toiled in joy to create a world
unto itself, an expansive distillation of human nature in finely wrought miniatures, couched
in the vernacular of carnivals and the wild west. When I compared it to the folk art museum,
his widow told us he used to say, "What Girard did with a checkbook, I did with a jack knife
and scrap wood." Just then her brother walked in, guy who sailed the globe, so I bought his book. I'm starting to believe...