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February 1, 2018

it looks desolate but there's still a lot of life just under the surface in dreary seattle winter.
when it's this dismal, 3pm "Hammy Hour" ($1 Hamm's) at the punk rock pizza joint isn't
too early to start. DKs, Bad Brains, MDC, Black Flag on stereo, epic corruption in DC
under regressive Reagan rehash, it's as if the '80s never ended. i spent a lot of time in
used book stores then, so i was eager to check out newly resurrected horizon books,
which just might become my new haunt. the unintentional nostalgia trip
continued with a birthday gathering at the last bowling alley in the
area. the reactionary Garage ain't your father's lanes but hurling
balls itself remains the same. ended the night at vermillion,
one of the last great spaces on capitol hill, where a jazz
quintet played ellington and coltrane to good effect,
timeless music for a night where the rain melted
the hands off the clock, awash in the moment.