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December 14, 2017

the future will be wired shut. at least that's how it felt walking by chainlink fences and subterranean fortresses for cars on our way to jeff gardiner's exhibition of drawings in air at aptly named factory.

sarah thought the work underdeveloped, and there was a facile clip art vibe to the imagery, but then again the show's title "signs of our times" hints at Neurathian universality, instantly comprehensible gestures, bent steel emojis.

and anyway, hands are notoriously hard to draw and these were expertly rendered. i was instantly smitten by the self-referential piece at the entrance--two wire wrought hands making a cat's cradle out of lighter gauge wire.

i recently absorbed the whole vonnegut canon via vonneguys, a podcast devoted to close readings of all his books in chronological order. highly recommended whether or not you're in the vonnecult. "no damn cat, no damn cradle."

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