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November 4, 2017

it could be hiroshima, the concrete
shell of a school consumed by fiery holocaust. but in
this case we are here on the shrub-steppe of the hanford
site, WA, the northwest's only active nuclear reactor spewing
steam in the background. in 1943, the war department seized this
area and displaced the farming communities of white bluffs and hanford, plus
of course the first peoples who were getting run off by settlers a second time. no, this
isn't hiroshima, but it is where the plutonium for fat man, the bomb dropped on nagasaki,
was produced. what happened here at hanford high was a sort of neutron bomb--the last class
forced by eviction to graduate early, in march 1943, the whole town depopulated, the corridors and
gymnasium echoing empty. years later, brush fire swept through and consumed the interior. but not the ghosts.