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September 28, 2017

we rushed to catch the northbound 49 on broadway, tryna make it in time to
see a play we got cheap front row seats to thanks to our friend who designed
the set. sarah ran ahead while i got stuck in amber, lingered in the languid
light of the golden hour. we caught our bus, rode in back as it drove down
the middle of two mountain ranges, pausing stuck at slow intersection.

i took pictures of panoramic dystopia from u. bridge, prompting a
woman near us to turn around and say, "yes, it is so beautiful."

sarah checked in at will call as i jogged
ahead to nearest bar to place our order.
we had a quarter hour and needed every
minute. the beer was good and the owner
popped up like a giant leprechaun to tell
us we were in seattle's original brew pub.

dragon lady was amazing. it's pretty
much a one-woman show but the stage
swarms with spirits channeled in rapid succession by the
shapeshifting author till i swore i was seeing double. you could
almost smell the smoke curling off her imaginary cigarette.

at intermission we dashed back to the bar, had a blood orange
apple cider that tasted like crunching through crisp red leaves.
on the bus ride home, no one wanted to move the banana poised
mysteriously on a seat but i did and people laughed when i put it
to my ear and said, "hello?" could a career in showbiz be next?