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September 9, 2017

Worked 14 hours yesterday and still didn't finish the job.
Well, that's sort of normal with remodeling 110 year old houses--
unexpected stuff always comes up, in this case unsupported porch roof posts
requiring structural reinforcement between joists below, a tight spot tricky fix
made extra lovely by rat piss saturated basement ceiling shiplap that had to
be removed for access. Saturday is just another day and I don't mind
working it; kind of refreshing to break the social conditioning pattern.
(Or is that just my Stockholm Syndrome speaking?)

Still, it's a little bit heartbreaking having to leave behind this sweet little kitty,
spying on me from her favorite sidewalk stakeout where she spends her days
waylaying passersby, purr-suading them to pet her. She's met more of the
neighbors than I have. I can't say I ever took her for granted, but since
our big scare last month when she went missing for four days
I cherish her presence more than ever..