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August 13, 2017

Patriot Prayer is a cryptofascist group that trolls lefties by holding "free speech" rallies in predominantly liberal cities such as Portland, San Francisco, and, today, Seattle. They disavow connections to neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK, but for some reason those are the exact people who show up at their provocations.

In the wake of last week's cavalcade of terror in Charlottesville--torchlit Nazi parade, attempted lynching, vehicular homicide--Seattleites turned out in the thousands to send a clear message that white nationalism is not welcome here. Some fret that counter-protesting gives these racist xenophobes more attention than they deserve, but ignoring them is worse as it accommodates their ethnic cleansing agenda. When it comes to fascists, all roads lead to genocide. What starts with words ends in concentration camps.

But one drawback of these
demonstrations is the hardening
of the division between decent
citizens and their nominal public
servants. Police unions endorsed
Tr*mp and cops tend to coddle
the right and punish the left.
Though there is some truth to
the chant, "Cops and the Klan,
hand in hand,"
taunting the
police is plain bad optics
turns them against us even more.

Liberals see themselves as morally and intellectually superior because bigotry really is low and stupid, but when it comes to tactics and grand strategy I have the feeling we are being played. I'm not a fan of the authoritarianism embodied by police in riot gear, but I think we need to keep the fight focused and try to win as many allies as possible rather than fuel antipathies which play right into neofascist hands. I'm not saying kiss cop ass, but let's not needlessly antagonize, either.