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July 14, 2017

Elmer Dixon
                      at Seattle Process with Travis Vogt and Brett
                      HamilVery Special
                      Forces reunion at Lofi
Wow, what a night! Best ever Seattle Process, with Elmer Dixon telling first-hand what it was like to be targeted for assassination by the US government as founder of Seattle Black Panthers. When asked to compare now and then, he said armed confrontation won't work against today's militarized police. Mayoral candidate (and current state legislator) Bob Hasegawa hammered home the benefits of a municipally-owned bank, an idea which should become a plank for all progressives' campaign platforms. The gang of regulars--Emmett, Travis, Brett, Galaxie (and her mom!)--brought the warmth and wit we've come to expect from this first family of funny in Seattle's political scene. Jahzilla capped it on high note. I got a good vibe walking from NWFF, down into SLU, up to Eastlake, where the house next door to the venue for show I was going to looks like it was built in the 1890s. I got there early and hungry so went next door to Victory Lounge where a band that reminded of Suicidal Tendencies tore it up. Too loud to hear, the doorman held up eight fingers ($8 cover); I gestured to my mouth, chomp chomp. He let me in and I ate a chili dog at the bar, just enjoying the pounding sound, shouted harmonies, and the general scene. Long live rock and roll! Casey, a friend of Steph Ashby, came up and said hi. He had nice things to say about ARTisANAL, which made me feel good. Next door at Lofi, the band reunion was mirrored by reunion of fans, the diehards, hardly dying, same faces I used to see almost twenty years ago--who says the scene is dead? There's always room for new blood and, in this case, resurrection--Very Special Forces reuniting from across the land--Seattle, LA, Utah--after 15 years of diaspora. Such immense talent and energy married to witty lyrics and overall infectious sense of humor. Their encore consisted of a lilting melody accompanied by an endless list of thank yous to their corporate sponsors, improvised by the band and suggested by audience, a call-and-response community commentary on capitalist enslavement. IBM! 3M! M&M Mars! Days like today give me hope for Seattle...