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January 12, 2017

It's nice waking up on a train, Empire Builder westbound #7, home stretch of a sequence that entailed delays and diversions, struck vehicles and blizzards as we wended from WA > MN > OH > WV and back via CHI and MSP. From Skykomish River to Salish Sea, Cascadia presents a picturesque homecoming. The cabby from King St mistook us for tourists and tried to milk the meter, then Miso binged on catnip in the sun so happy to see us. Fridge empty in that just back from vacation way, we ate across the street, tried a nap but Dominion was banging ladders outside our window, ratproofing high up in the eaves. Last 3 weeks so sedentary I was glad for the excuse to ride my bike, ARTisANAL showcards ready so I took scenic route, 997th rider to cross Fremont Bridge today. Dialing up Mercer I felt I owned this town; something about zipping past stuck traffic empowers. Stocked up on books from free library and Goodwill. At Dendroica, Reilly Donovan's Hokum Bunkum embodied the absurdity and frustration of this political moment. It's good to be back. spacer