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October 2, 2016


4Shadows 9 Stories CD cover art a giraffe
                          and cheetah mashup
4Shadows started in 2008 when I bought a $5 drum kit from Adria & Craig. It sat stacked in the living room corner for weeks while I searched for a place to use it. I asked one person after another if they knew a rental practice space. When I finally asked Frank he said he had a place he'd been meaning to put to that purpose and so The Vault was born.
4Shadows "Burning Books" CD album
                        art, wavy lines
The first kit was a sprawling mutant. In the beginning it was just me, Jesse, and Will with occasional visits from Millis and Rich. Then Rich brought Matt in and it's been some configuration of us 6 every week for the past 8 years. It's the anchor of my week. And the wings. We improvise, record everything, and cull the better bits to disseminate online, clogging the internet. Jesse is the master culler with the quick turnaround of music and art, in this case a double dose from last Sunday's session. No brakes, no map, no going back. The view from the cliff was delightful and now the ground is coming up fast.