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September 26, 2016


transparentgif People complain, rightly, that Seattle is changing fast, by which they tend to mean all the cool old dive bars have closed, which is sad but true. But there's still some old Seattle left, and it has nothing to do with nightlife--I'm talking about Perkins Glass, a family run business since 1906 that deserves your support. Needing a custom mirror cut to size for a job, the first place I called recommended Perkins with the caveat that they might be rude on the phone. Rude? Not at all! The receptionist's brusque, direct manner embodied everything I miss about New Yorkers--no nonsense, clear instructions, proudly competent, crisp and efficient with just the proper hint of menace that says, "I won't waste your time if you don't waste mine." I picked up my order today in a front office that looks unchanged since 1972. They don't take cards, I paid my $21 cash, was given a handwritten receipt and a 23 5/8" square, quarter inch thick mirror with polished edges (5/lineal inch extra), no padding, packaging, or protective corners. Just the facts, just the glass. They promise accuracy within 1/8" but when I said I needed it to match an existing metal edge she marked the order "precision" and the result was right on the money. Perkins Glass!
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