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Picture of the Day

September 19, 2016


The woman ahead of me at the bank has a balance
of $12.62, she's there hoping that money
promised by a relative
has arrived. The teller
betrays no sympathy:
"Nothing yet. You better
call them." Someone else
is dealing with an
overdraft, the $35
penalty enough to
trigger a downward
spiral. Another customer
can't understand a
credit application.
If you want a snap-
shot of financial desperation,
visit an "inner city" branch of
Chase bank. I wanted to cash
a check drawn on an account
there. They charged me eight bucks.
"Have you thought of opening an
account here? There'd be no fee to
cash checks." I thought of what I'd read online,
remembered Too Big To Fail, their $20 million
a year CEO
, and how all that wealth up top
somehow gets sucked up from the bottom.
"No thanks," I said, wallet stuffed with cash.