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July 7, 2016


Took the light rail down to Westlake Plaza for what was to be a vigil for Alton Sterling, but in the 24 hours
since the event was announced Philando Castile was added to the long list of people unjustly killed by police.
I wore the wrong shoes for the rain, slipped and slid on the glass-smooth pavers, took shuffling baby-steps
across slick mall, an apt metaphor for a slow dawning of awareness percolating to the surface.
I expected silence and candles but it was bullhorn speeches till the crowd took to the streets.
It had been a long time since I marched and at first I was too choked up to chant, literally
couldn't get the words out, overcome by conflicting emotions of grief and hope. I found
my voice and merged it with the chorus. It's going to take a little from all of us.
A lot from a few isn't enough. That's what's meant by a leaderfull movement.