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March 25, 2016

At Key Arena I saw Nader in 2000, then Obama in aught eight. So I was sorry to skip Bernie Sanders last Sunday, but I must keep holy the Shaddoweth. Lo and behold, lucky for me He came back for an impromptu gathering at Safeco Field (capacity 54,000). I've never seen so many people happy to languish in a slow-moving line. No frustration, only patience, a buddhist moment. Except for me. Rumor had it there was a promised land, a shorter wait on the other side. Sarah scouted ahead, texted back it was a fact. Did I tell anyone else stuck waiting that I was striding confidently to a better place? No, I confess I got selfish and kept the truth to myself. But what if I'd started a stampede? Bad, bad socialist! On the way I passed a goat on a leash that saw right through me. Are elections a charade, just choosing which cattle chute will take you to your slaughter? Partly. But pretending is a step forward. And there's no faking the power of tens of thousands gathered to hear a message, share the feeling, and focus their energy. It was a subtle, boiling the frog kind of immersion, the stadium a lens focusing the heat. When Bernie appeared everyone stood and none sat back down for the duration. So much upliftment I caught myself straining on point, a dancer trained for this moment. The full strength of it didn't hit me till later. Love bubbled from my pores for the next 36 hours. (Gross!) That's not a revolution, but it felt like a start. Feel the Bern. Mouse around.... >>>