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February 19, 2016


Went to see The Witch at Maui Mall Megaplex with Bryon and Brosius. Stopped at Alehouse before and after the movie, lit bright as a cafeteria (it only looks dark here because I forced the exposure) with wall to wall TVs showing a marathon of COPS--a disconcerting backdrop of racist authorities roughing up one black man after another while a local dude sang sweet songs and a little girl danced up front. The patrons laughed, ate, and drank, oblivious to the omnipresent police state conditioning. And people wonder how it is Trump is gaining so much traction. Evil is all around us. Which brings us back to The Witch. **SPOILER ALERT** This film is more haunting than scary, with scenes that can't be unseen. Explicit in some ways, it's subtle and surprising in others and leaves a lot of room for contemplation and discussion. What could be more frightening than being a freethinking person in a family of holier-than-thou religious hypocrites? The most innocent is accused of the greatest evil. Their ill judgment leads to her liberation. 
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