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September 6, 2014

Well, today was the big day--the actual festival. The cars started piling in, the parking field filled, tents were staked and coolers situated. I approached the matter in my usual distracted and erratic fashion, so this handful of pictures represents only a highly subjective and incomprehensive slice of what went down. Please forgive my unintentional omissions. Nothing personal! Kudos to all the organizers, participants, and visitors who made it happen.

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The day started with fluffing the Woven Grass Village. Those people are in for a surprise!

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The Boys In the Woods by Joselynn Engstrom was subtle and affecting, an assemblage of her father's Vietnam War photos and artifacts...

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The Kaleidosaur Junkband Laboratory lived up to its name. Mad scientists of sound vibrated air molecules into spontaneous alignment...

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Soak Farm. The Stillaguamish was shallow, shluggish, shlightly frigid, but shtill shuitable for shwimming...

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Dusk, the fire circle prepared, the balkan punk rock marching band off somewhere wetting their reeds and assembling brass instruments...

fire makes it good