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August 6, 2014


from the middle
of the pacific
where US
involvement in WWII was
triggered by Pearl Harbor attack
and penultimately ended at Hiroshima
69 years ago today. (i say penultimately because
it took Nagasaki three days later to seal the deal.)
they say Hawai'i today wouldn't last three weeks if
the imports ceased
. see that white speck below the word police
just at the horizon? take a closer look. it's a rare sight here. usually
the container ships steal in secretly like ghosts slithering through keyholes;
glimpse them spectral through mists late at night. but today perhaps in advance
of Iselle they're rerouted and prioritized. the forecast is for torrential rain so people...
flood the stores to snap up caseloads of bottled water ? a better investment would be a
                      barrel to catch some of the deluge.
after WWII it was business as usual, only
                             moreso. German and Japanese industrialists casually exonerated from war
                               crimes, ruined factories retooled for peacetime manufacture, import/export
                               between sworn enemies, a new worldwide consumer class conditioned to em-
                                brace planned obsolescence, consent enforced by a well-appointed police state.

                                          Hawai'i could and should grow all its own food because it can and used to.
                                            sun, rain, soil, knowledge. self-sufficient tradition meets a sustainable future.
                                               but time and resources are running out. meanwhile, the ships keep coming in.


                                                     PPF #13/31