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Picture of the Day

  June 13, 2014


Where farce meets comedy. I didn't think it would be a problem.

But it was. The only reason we drove the questionable jeep in was to
have a tune-up because it had been running funny. After 2-hour drive
we got to Sears ten minutes ahead of our 10 a.m. appointment. But
then it was canceled by the powers that be. The whole Sears trip
was disconcerting. It was like stepping back in time to the 1970s--
which in some ways were simpler because I was a child but now
knowing this once mighty corporation is in a death spiral and all
these jobs are hanging in peril made me feel strange things deeply.

So then we went to one place then another in search of a tune-up
but these things can't be done at the drop of a hat because of so few
mechanics. Settled for a lube job, $44, walked to the nearest post
office to drop letters, found folded dollar blown against fence
just when I'd been wondering: When am I gonna find $?

Had $21 store credit at Ace I wanted to trade for a
pair of little red pliers; got 'er done; then the jeep
stalled out when we started it. Funny thing, too,
because we were parked on the sidewalk. Then
it died in Paia, ironically near Pit Stop. A good
Samaritan helped push start it downhill, then it
died going back up when I pulled over to offer
him beer. Push-start backwards down Baldwin
didn't work; failed jump start; had it towed...