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Picture of the Day

March 4, 2014

Paia Bay is adjacent to bustling downtown Paia.
There's a skatepark, youth center, and basketball
here, so you know it has a lot of local flavor.
In general it's better in the morning before the wind
kicks up and blasts the nice white sand in your face.
There's some tree shade along the fringe. It's a long
beach so even when busy there's room for everyone.
Conditions are rarely prime for surfing but boogie
boarding is pretty steady
and the mostly sand bottom
makes for good bodysurfing. I saw a monk seal here.
This man had limited arm function but he was having
more fun than anyone else. He never stopped
charging waves on his skimboard,
often launching as he did here
only to stick a perfect landing
time and time again.

Me? I took a quick
dip but mostly just
sat on my ass.