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Picture of the Day

February 11, 2014

space When I found Hitler vs. Stalin at the
thrift shop I intended to just mail it right to
Matt who leads the march when it comes to
martial music, but then I ended up reading the
copiously photo-illustrated account of horror,
destruction and deaths with and without honor
in an outdoor tub on a sunny afternoon overlooking
a treacherous ocean channel (from a safe distance) in the
shade of rainbow parasol thinking, Damn, how lucky I am.
The pictures I liked best showed the resilience of the human
spirit--teens sunbathing in handsome swimsuits with classic
looking ruins for a backdrop or elders inhabiting a hole
bravely smiling over tea during the Siege of Leningrad.
One thing the book lacks is maps so I found one online and
did a primitve screencapture by tracing it onto looseleaf with
an almost exhausted Sharpie. The arrows represent the extent of
Nazi advances. I left the rest blank--all movement, no context.