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February 9, 2014

A touch of rain made the normally scrubby and dry south side of east maui erupt in vibrant greens of fragrant new growth. It's cattle country out here, home to some fine grass-fed, no-drugs beef. I don't eat much of it myself except when neighbors drop steaks on us. The air was fresh and atingle with life on the home stretch of our fortnightly townside trip, everything shimmering with magic, just one of those moments where each breath is a celebration, a feeling reinforced by the sight of newborns and their stolid parents ruminating on the grassy slopes between volcano peak and ocean expanse. I know they gotta go to feed people but at least they have a good life till then, raised in a traditional and healthy way with just one bad day at the end. Tangy salt air kissed by freshness of rain, dozens of waterfalls like white strings dotting the steep craggy faces of Haleakala. Just when it didn't seem it could get any more fairy tale perfect a rainbow vaulted the sky.