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January 26, 2014

Nicole and four-and-a-half-year-old Lia are here for a visit.
Blazing sun-shiney day with Kona wind blowing everything
out to sea on Hana side so it was an extra good day for beach.
Slow drive to Hamoa and Koki. Driving this road I've noticed
a progression in myself and wonder if similar phases apply to
other aspects of life and learning. At first it was new and scary.                  <- ignorance
Narrow, winding, bumpy, with places where you seem about to
go over the precipice into the sea. Other vehicles crowd from
behind or squeak by passing head-on. Then you get used to it                     <- knowledge
and a little arrogance seeps in along with impatience. It's fun
to see how fast you can take the hairpin turns and how close
you can come to naked edge of roadway when letting someone
by. But Lia gets motion sick so I took it extra slow this time.
There was no reason to be impatient. It's a 40-minute drive but       
             <- wisdom
why rush to a destination when you're happy where you are?