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Picture of the Day

December 23, 2013


We do a big town run about once every two weeks.
It's a scenic route. People fly here just to drive it.

Takes two meandering hours from Kaupo to Kahului.

When we mission it's an orgy of lists, the many stops
scheduled to allow for some beachtime in the mix.

We're still settling in, lack lots of stuff we boxed
and stored in Seattle. Little things--can opener,
vegetable peeler, grater, storage jars, etc.

Cat door also made the list but we never
expected to find one at Savers, new in the
box just $2.99. Oh happy day!

Well, Miso has no knowledge of these
arcane hinged devices so we've been
helping her through, gradually showing
her the ins and outs, nudging as needed.

Funny how freedom can be right
in front of you but you might not
                know what to do with it.