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Picture of the Day

October 23, 2013

My new gig comes with the use
of this vehicle, which is pretty handy
since the nearest store is an hour away.
Not that I need to go there often--in
two weeks here this was the first time
I made the journey, but it sure beats
the uncertainty of hitchhiking. The
loose roof thumps like a drum over
bumps but I just sing along with it.
When I saw the old woman at the
side of the road in flowing rain-
bow robes with her thumb out I
didn't hesitate to stop. As I was
making room for her she asked,
"What day of the week is it?" She
smiled wide, the lines on her face
deeper than the treads of a new tire.
I didn't have a ready answer. "Is it Thursday
or Friday?" she prompted as I sat there calculating
backwards to the last day that I knew had a name.
"Wednesday, I think." She couldn't believe it so I
confirmed with a quick swipe of my phone.
She smiled even wider. "Never mind then.
I don't have to be anywhere today."
She slipped back into the shadows
as I pulled away, grinning.