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September 16, 2013

xxxI was too stunned to be surprised///?xxx

if you're gonna have to be born might as well celebrate your birthday. opted for work today which might not sound like fun but it fulfills a purpose and it was fun anyway working with MF to dismantle the apartment of a longtime resident manager. it went quick and we had a lot of laughs. then we landed at the Kraken for a birthday beer and bite to eat. while he was ordering i went up to the two pinball machines. "it's my birthday--do i get a free game?" the one on the left refused but the one on the right came to life when i pressed start. had an ok game and wondered about its origin. dinner at paul and tamra's, then postprandial walk to Add-a-Ball, Mad Dog shots one dollar. i didn't recognize my friends at first and when they identified themselves i thought it was just a coincidence. too stunned to be surprised, i guess.