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July 30, 2013

Unlike Jonathan Richman, I don't have
much love for mosquitoes. I kind of feel
bad about it but I'll still slap 'em to death
every chance I get. The internet tells me
they're the deadliest animal and only the
female sucks blood, which she finds by
homing in on carbon dioxide exhalations

Then there are flies. Last week we had a
little infestation in the bathroom. I must
have smashed 50 juveniles in one fevered
session with a rolled-up newspaper and
another two dozen the next morning. They
were small and slow, struck down in their
prime I suppose. It was either them or me.

I wish I had thought to film myself going
after them. I must've looked a crazy man.
Still, it was nice for that little while to have a
clearly defined purpose, however murderous.
Tough stuff, I know. But not as rough as the
tome that did this bugger in. Does anyone do
menace and mordant wit better than Bowles?

(That is, when he's not writing about parrots.)
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