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July 25, 2013

Le Sang Song LP
There's one band in Seattle I go to great lengths to see every time they play--Le Sang Song. There was some confusion about their start time because the booker was doing some last-minute lineup juggling--a common thing in Seattle lately which is disrespectful to bands and a pain in the ass for audiences as well. Luckily there was a car2go parked right outside so we tore across to U. District in record time... only to find everyone just hanging out on the sidewalk because there'd been another switch and now they were going to play later instead of earlier. It sucks to see friends get jerked around like that but they kept their cool and played a typically amazing set of songs that mix sweet harmonies with cutting lyrics. To order the hard-to-find debut LP, contact ... [update: download at bandcamp!]
Le Sang Song