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Picture of the Day

  February 12, 2013


I shot this picture in my bathtub. Does that mean I think the moon landing was a hoax? No.
It does get me thinking about outer vs. inner space. There's a sensory deprivation tank place
threatening to open down the street. (I think it used to be a copy shop back in the day.)
So far it's just posters in the window of a restaurant that opened and closed within 60 days.
(There's been a lot of turnover in Fremont lately due to high and rising rents. Greed kills community.)

As much as I believe everything is connected I can't help but feel the division between mind and body.
Maybe it's just splitting hairs but there seems to be a difference between waking and dreaming, doing and thinking.
I've never felt more physically alive than when I was terrified (clinging to a cliff face, holding on for dear life).
But then there's another side, reaching in where it is quiet. For me, writing is where those two worlds collide.