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  February 8, 2013

                      Instamatic 126
I feel I've come full circle, even if that circle is a bit lopsided.

My first camera was a hand-me-down Kodak Instamatic 124, photographed here in my bathtub studio with an iPhone 4S and filtered, framed, and posted using Instagram, the popular photo sharing app which derives its name and square format from the once ubiquitous Instamatic line.

My first digital camera was also a Kodak (DC210) and it's what prompted me to start this website way back when.

Ten years ago today I started recording pocket videos with a Canon S200. I hadn't intended to shoot movies but that extra function led me in a whole new direction. The motion picture quality of that particular model was so uniquely appealing I went through 9 of them and am considering getting a 10th.

The Canon D10 that succeeded it is higher resolution and can do some neat tricks but it lacks a certain fuzzy warmth, kind of analogous to why I still prefer LPs to digital music.

All of which has me thinking about how different the behaviors elicited by superficially similar technologies can be. The allure of insta-gratification is the reason this website is on its knees. I'm still shooting and sharing, but much less thoughtfully. Tags: #scattershot, #haphazard, #willy-nilly.