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  September 26, 2012


Had trouble sleeping my first night back in Seattle.
Was it the mattress, sporadic city sounds or ubiquitous electromagnetic frequencies?
Woke up feeling like a radio receiving too many signals simultaneously, the stations all bleeding.

My final night in Kipahulu I suffered insomnia, thoughts revving, after eight weeks of sleeping like a baby.
Finally fixed that by telling myself to stop future tripping, just be present in the moment wherever you happen to be.

It's a good thing to remember in times of transition, the first and last lesson: nothing stays the same but now is always here.
I felt centered and clear walking down the usual alley when I saw this tar shingle roof. Maui was once a pile of slag; time and
persistence of life turned it into a paradise. Likewise, not only will untold beauty arise in unlikely places--it is already there.

the deep