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September 15, 2012


OIP Otherwise Intelligent People -
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OIP Otherwise Intelligent People
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Some people experiment with drugs and alcohol. I experiment with sobriety. Then, when my system is nice and clean I hit it hard and record the collapse of rational thought. It's nice to be out here in the middle of nowhere--there's far less thought pollution and gross influence of media manipulations and depressing presence of lost souls on autopilot. But of course I haven't been here long and carry much of that taint inside me. There are jingles I can call to mind that were implanted in childhood, not to mention God, country, and the flag. "I pledge allegiance..." Jesus, how many times did I recite that along with thousands of Hail Mary's and Our Father's? Putting myself through the wringer, pushing towards the edge of reason, is just an attempt to confront and purge some demons. Getting ripped is a form of mental hygiene, a way to silence the internal editor and dredge up and expunge some deep-seated irritants. It's a fun and revealing practice, for me at least, but I'm hoping you find some value in it, too. Maybe just some amusement. Or perhaps a cautionary lesson, a negative example of what not to do? We all have to choose. Sometimes I decide to banish conscious choice and loose a suppressed inner voice, let go of the steering wheel and enjoy a surprising ride... Ladies and gentlemen: Otherwise Intelligent People!
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