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  September 1, 2012


STRAIGHT a short story 
       Took a tour of Laulima Farm where the
word of the day was compost. Many
wealthy people live in this area but
I've heard it said the richest is Josh
at Laulima because his soil is the
most fertile after years of nurturing.
His compost piles are large enough
to swallow whole cattle carcasses,
so hot they break down bone to
dust. We chewed red coffee beans
fresh off the plant and slurped the
slimy purple insides of cacao. After
that I took a walk along the shoreline
cliffs where I was surprised by a horse.
It was the first time I'd seen one there
though it's common for them to be
pastured hereabouts. After that came
another, then another, each one taking
its time, barely curious about me, until I
counted more than 20, all of them docile
and sweet. Their prodigious droppings
attracted butterflies and when I got to the
edge I watched a rainbow touch down on
the ocean. Palm trees swayed in the breeze,
a flock of white birds erupted into flight, and
I stepped lightly through the sun-dappled
grass, careful not to wake from the dream.