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August 26, 2012


The Honda Ruckus scooter is very popular
in these parts. Wide tires, low to the ground,
room to store stuff in its tough-looking frame.
So I answered an ad on craigslist/mau. Dang,
just missed it. But seeing my last name in email
the seller asked if I were Czech. We went back
and forth a little and then that was the last I heard
from Jana in Kahana on the opposite side of Maui.

Some wags say Las Vegas is the Ninth Island as it
is such a popular mainland destination from here. But
lately I'm thinking poor little landlocked Czech Republic
might as well be part of the chain because it seems I run
into tourists from there almost every day. It happened again
at Hamoa where a bossy dude with swimfins was urging his
stunning girlfriend to join him in some intimidating surf. Pojd',
, he said from a distance just beyond the breakers. Well,
it would have been nicer if he'd actually helped her out there.
the deep