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June 15, 2012

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      A bunch of us converged on Wailea golf course for
Maui Film Festival--Abe, Allison, Barry, Dave, Heather,
Jen, Jill, Sam, Sarah, Timmy, Kavage and me. People
         wandered as they waited for the sun to go down,
taking pictures and texting, which is what people do a
    lot of now.  (Sorry to have to state the obvious.)
The opening short Abiogenesis was an impressive feat
 for a lone animator
.        Samsara uses the typically
excellent camerawork of Ron Fricke to comment on
          human achievement good and ill. It's beautiful if
heavy-handed in places but was unfortunately marred
    by drifting focus and a blown speaker.   The capper was
the inscrutably polyglot titled French fillm The Intouchables,
which struck me as predictable and trite. I was surprised to
  learn later it was a smash hit in France.  That's Hollywood.