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  June 3, 2012
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The water can be a little rough where we camped at Kanaio for
Chris's two-night 30th birthday celebration but it's do-able if
you're careful. At one point I got a little uppity and the ocean
doesn't like that. Suddenly I found myself being sucked into
a rocky vortex. For some reason I thought that was funny so I
grinned and waved bye-bye to Sarah who watched with alarm
from a safe distance. Just as quickly as I got pulled in, the water
surged the other way and I swam hard to get out, emerging with
only a couple of scrapes. All in all a gentle reminder not to fuck
with the power of the sea. Hawaii leads the nation in drownings.

Stella is a good dog. Here she is with Steph and Chris sitting up
on partly submerged boogie board as if waiting for the next set.