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May 1, 2012
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     The earsplitting alarm wailed
at 11:50 a.m. and could not be
ignored. It reminded me of the
civil defense tests of my cold
war childhood. Sarah was on a
work call but quickly cut it off
because neither of us was sure
what was going on. Paia got
slammed by a tsunami in 1946
and I wondered if history was
about to repeat itself. A quick
search showed they test the
warning system without warning
the first of
every month. After
that bit of
excitement we went
to pick up
some palm fronds
from a pruner
who was just going
to throw them
in an irrigation ditch
anyway. (Sarah
has been teaching
herself weaving.)
We carried the
unwieldy leaves
through town just
in time to be
captured by the Google
camera car.* We waved &
smiled to drone army paparazzi.                                                                  *Photo to be posted once map goes live.