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April 5, 2012
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I'm on the deck, warm night,
reading by porchlight when a
moth bumbles by, circles my
 head drunkenly. I say to Sarah,
  "I hope I don't get reincarnated
as a moth." Not sure why I say
that but it just seems so goofy
fluttering erratically in the dark.

A little while later the geckos
come out and geck-geck-geck for
all they're worth. A moth (maybe the
same as before but I don't get a look
at its eyes) wants to whisper in my ear
but all I can hear are its beating wings.

It's beginning to bug me so I command:
"Go get eaten by a gecko!" To my surprise it
does so without hesitation, beelines straight
into a waiting gecko's spring trap mouth. It's
a big bite and the lizard has to jerk its head
and contort uncomfortably to choke it down.

That moth is definitely not the thing to be tonight.

*Wikipedia suggests that moths navigate by celestial bodies
  and mistake other light sources for stars or moon.
The erratic flight path reflects attempts to correct
orientation to objects it shouldn't be oriented to.