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February 4, 2012
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This is a fairly lousy picture but I was so taken
with this guy's approach
I just had to share it.
We were on a pier at Placencia Harbor--anchorage
to more than one visiting multimillion dollar yacht--
when this silver-ponytailed gentleman pulled up in
a dinky dinghy with capped bundles of plastic pipe
strapped to the sides for extra buoyancy and a tiny
"dragonfly" outboard engine that looked like it could
run on a couple of AA batteries. He was there to pick up
his people. We watched with increasing amusement as
they boarded, a kind of reverse clown car: first a mature
woman, then two teens, a big dog, and last of all a bicycle,
all pretzeled together, weighing it down to the gunwales.
They pushed off and putt-putted away, a tight-knit family.