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June 20, 2011

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Another nice day. After lunch Will and I decided to revisit to the magical living jetty.
"Watch: we go back and everything is dead," I joked. I shouldn't joke. When we got
there a greyhaired cyclist in moustache and spandex was eyeing the water warily.
At first we surmised red tide but it looked more like cruise ship septic tank effluent,
although it didn't smell bad. (When we did catch a whiff of sewage we attributed it to the
concrete outflow pipe from the pumping station nearby.) A man in safety vest the color
of the mystery tide agreed--he hoped it was just algae but it didn't look like any he'd
ever seen. He went back to his truck and returned with light blue latex gloves and quart
jar to take a sample. A heron was fishing near the iridescent murk. Will wanted to scare
it away to keep it from eating possible contaminants but we didn't. Should we have?